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Marketing Mojo: Mobile Marketing - The "Second Screen"

Every year I make a big deal out of watching the Academy Awards, even if nobody watches them with me.  I love the spectacle of it all, the dresses, the interviews, the behind-the-scenes stories and seeing celebrities interact with one another.  For this past year's awards, not only could you watch the red carpet on your TV, but if you had your computer, tablet, or smartphone handy, you could watch additional interviews, see the cameras trained on the grand staircase and entry carpet - so you never missed a minute of coverage, even during commercials! TV networks and studios have begun to start utilizing what they call the "second screen" - realizing that many of their viewers have a phone or computer handy, they're encouraging watching live TV by building additional features accessible from your mobile devices during the broadcast. This is just one way that mobile is changing the way we interact with businesses, brands, and consumers.  We use our phones to check our email, organize our calendar, manage  our finances, monitor our health, keep in touch with our friends and family, and search for information.  Brands have just begun to touch the potential of mobile retail - from creating brand-specific apps to implementing QR and NFC technology in stores. We talked a little about QR codes and Mobile-friendly sites in our last marketing post.  We wanted to share an example with you of how these two work together.  If you have a smart phone handy, try scanning the code to the right to view a custom mobile site we created for our owner, Michael Kile.  (if you don't have your phone, just click the code to view the mobile site in your browser window!) Interested in creating a mobile page for yourself or your business?  Contact us today to get started!  

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