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Direct Mail - Beyond Junk

When I moved into my first apartment, it took a few days for me to start getting mail.  But when that first piece arrived with my name and my address on it, I felt an unmistakeable thrill of independence.  Of course, within a week, the novelty of junk mail had all but worn off. Before the internet became the next big marketing tool, mailboxes were flooded with direct mailers. People would stand over their trash bins scanning the pieces, only saving what was important or pertinent and discarding the rest without a second glance.  I once received a dozen of the same marketing postcard in one day. Nowadays, businesses seem focused on internet marketing.  Email and social media are the big guns in our marketing tool kits, and while there are many, many benefits to email marketing, the truth is that the same thing is happening to email marketing.  Our inboxes are becoming oversaturated with coupons and offers, mixed in with Nigerian inheritances and other scams.  Even when someone signs up for an email list, often times marketing emails are never even opened before it hits the trash can. There has been an increase of excitement for direct mail marketing. Consumers have revived their childish excitement for the mailbox. And why shouldn’t they?! There are so many ways that businesses can spice up direct mail to engage with their target audience: Custom lists, dimensional mail, personalized web pages and variable mapping are just a few of the ways that businesses can capture their audience through the mailbox. Give us a call today to see how you can start a relationship with a potential customer right outside their house, in that little metal box that used to hold so much value and is finally making a comeback.

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