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Marketing Mojo: How Fast is Too Fast?

We live in an incredibly fast-paced world.  Modern technology has sped up the way we interact with one another, both personally and professionally.  Everything from communications to entertainment is done a lightning speed.  Consumers have become accustomed to quick response and instant information - and business has adapted to keep up with them.  But when does fast become too fast? A good case in point is NBC's coverage so far of the 2012 Olympics.  Because American audiences are watching the games several hours after the events have taken place, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the coverage.  Several outlets have weighed in already on their opinions of NBC's handling of the games - including Mashable, who posted a great article about the problems with NBC's multi-channel coverage.  (Not to complain - our designer Stephanie has been glued to her TV/iPhone since Friday watching the games obsessively) All this controversy got us thinking.  In our modern world where being first is usually equivalent of being the best, are there times when being fast isn't always in our best interest?  It's the age-old story of the tortoise and the hare once again.  There is much more to interacting with your customers than being the first or the fastest.  Sometimes, it really is slow and steady who wins the race.

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