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Marketing Mojo: Streamline Your Message

One of the more effective commercials I’ve seen was for Pledge cleaner.  Designed to break the conception that Pledge was just for wood surfaces, the commercial does it in a way that is simple, easy to understand, and targeted at a wide variety of consumers in one single thirty second segment. As a business you are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. Your processes are constantly evolving with new technology. For instance, social media tools such as Hoot Suite allow you to coordinate multiple accounts without having to individually log in to add posts.  By perfecting our processes we can increase efficiency and profitability. The same applies for marketing. By focusing your message on print and marketing materials, you can maximize the return with targeted campaigns.  Imagine all of the ways you try to touch new customers - cold calls, networking events, mailings, advertisements – sometimes it takes multiple “touches” just to get your foot in the door. Instead try a direct mail campaign that is focused on a specific area or market that you want to target.  Streamlining your marketing to a specific demographic means that your message is more likely to make an impact - especially if you take the time and effort to highlight the ways that your business is the right fit for those customers.   The more personal you get, the better your chances of getting your message heard.

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