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Marketing Mojo: Order Online, Anywhere, Anytime.

A few months ago, my friends and I made plans one Friday to go see a highly-anticipated movie at a major theater on a whim.  By the time we had gotten our tickets and stood in a ridiculous line for a $10 bag of popcorn, the entire theater had filled.  There weren’t three open seats within two rows of each other, and there were still people coming in.  They had overfilled the theater, so we got a refund for our tickets and decided instead to head to a different theater.  On the way there, I had the brilliant idea to purchase the tickets online via my smartphone.  We arrived at the theater, walked to a kiosk, picked up our tickets and were in our seats before the people outside had even reached the ticket window.  (Nevermind that we smuggled in the popcorn from the previous theater in our purses!) Online ordering has become a new standard in today’s fast paced, consumer-driven market.  You can order everything from movie tickets to pizza, clothes, books, and even your groceries from the convenience of your computer or smartphone.  eCommerce has grown substantially in all areas of business.  Based on various internet statistics, the restaurant industry reports up to 30-40% of consumers using online ordering where available.  Between mobile-friendly websites and customized apps for businesses, there are any number of resources available to simplify the online shopping experience for customers. We understand the ease of online ordering systems – that’s why we have agOnline, our online ordering resource to help you streamline the process of ordering certain types of printed materials.  From commonly reordered items like letterhead and envelopes, to forms and variable business cards, setting up an agOnline site is an easy solution to organizing and tracking your orders, whether you have just one office or twenty.  Generate individual business cards from an easy-to-use template and preview them right on your screen, or reorder the things you need quickly and conveniently. Ask us today about a demo of agOnline, and how we can help set it up for your business!

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