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Marketing Mojo: How does your marketing measure up?

People are funny about numbers.  We all have lucky numbers, and get excited about dates like 12/12/12. Certain numbers have special significance or meaning in culture, literature, or religion.  We interact with numbers every day, regardless of our business - we reach milestones, we manage our money, keep track of our investments, we watch the clock, and check how many people follow us on Twitter. As much as we’d love to contradict our high-school math teachers, we use numbers every day to plan and evaluate our everyday lives.  So it comes as no surprise that when we talk about business marketing strategy, some of the most important factors are the numbers. There are a number of methods for tracking and calculating the reach of your marketing campaigns:
  • QR Codes – QR codes are one of simplest tracking methods, with any number of subscription-based sites allowing you to generate custom codes.  You can generate reports to show you how many times the code was scanned, when and where.  You can use one code across a campaign, or different codes on different pieces, to evaluate where you’re getting the most response.
  • PURLs (Personalized URLs) – PURL campaigns are generally larger in scope, great for multi-channel campaigns directed towards a specific target market.  PURLs give you precise data on responses, so that you can see exactly where your reach is most effective.
  • Email Marketing – Email services like Constant Contact give very detailed results, including what links were clicked and who clicked them, and letting you compare piece-by-piece where and when your campaigns are most effective.
Interested in seeing what one of these tracking methods can do for your marketing?  Let us help you find the right solution for your business.  We’ll help you generate and track a QR code or Personalized URLs, or help you design a full campaign from the ground up.

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