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Marketing Mojo: The New Old School

Social media and online marketing are buzzwords in our business these days.  Not only are these channels becoming serious forces in the world of business marketing, but they're also changing the way that we interact with current and potential customers.  But the rise of these new methods of communicating doesn't mean that we should turn our focus from the classics.  Traditional "old school" marketing methods still carry a lot of weight, and are still the most reliable means of reaching your customers. Check out this article from the U.S. Small Business Administration.  It highlights three "old school" marketing tactics - why they are still valuable, and even how to update them to fit in today's digital-focused markeplace.  Read on for a glimpse at some of the important facts, or read the full article here! DIRECT MAIL Who's using direct mail and what for? According to the CMO Council, 35 percent of marketers are using direct mail to encourage sales, while 29 percent use it to drive traffic online. Surprisingly, only 14 percent use direct mail to promote offers or other content. Which sectors fare best? According to the DMA, the business-to-business (B2B) space tends to fare better than the consumer market when it comes to response rates. How can you plan a successful direct mail campaign?
  • Segment your lists and send targeted messages
  • Use direct mail strategically and infrequently
  • Consider sending 3-dimensional mailers
  • Content is king
  • Integrate your direct mail with other marketing
TRADE SHOWS If you are in the B2B space, trade shows are hard to ignore. Trade shows are a big investment for exhibitors and attendees alike, which means the folks who are there are serious about buying and selling! EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING Webinars, case studies, videos, events, and perhaps even your social media engagement strategy all constitute experiential marketing.These tactics narrate a first-hand experience with your brand and have a huge impact on brand choice and purchasing decisions. What "old school" tactics are you using, and how have you updated your approach to keep up with new technology?

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