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Marketing Mojo: The Importance of Color

I saw a hilarious commercial for Lowe's on TV yesterday, with two chameleons discussing paint colors for their house.  Every time they walked over a paint sample they changed color to test them, since as one said "We're going to be this color a lot".  When she held up a paint sample to the other, she asked, "Oh, how about this one, Dazzle?  Does it say modern?  Does it say chiq?"  Her husband, clearly not as invested in this as she is, says "It" People can be pretty particular about color.  Sometimes "blue" just doesn't cut it. Color has become a huge part of our industry - not just in terms of quality and color management, but in the overall impact of a marketing strategy.  Color is a key factor in the success of a direct marketing campaign - check out these facts from XEROX*:
  • Color documents are up to 80% more likely to be read
  • Color increases comprehension by up to 73%
  • Information is located 70% faster when it's in color
  • Information highlighted in color is 39% more likely to be remembered
  • Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%
Since color is such an important part of direct mail strategy, we focus on getting it right.  With calibration tools and the Pantone Matching System, we put a heavy emphasis on making sure we stay consistent with your brand colors.  And with our high-quality digital color presses, you can be sure that your marketing pieces will have the high-impact edge you need to make a splash in anyone's mailbox! *Taken from original article here on IWCO Direct

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