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Marketing Mojo: The Ins and Outs of Marketing Strategy

Digital mediums have changed the way we interact with customers.  Marketing isn't just about promoting yourself and your business, it's about what your business can do for your clients.  With digital mediums like social media, we are changing the way our customers develop a relationship with our brand.  But can we achieve that same level of interaction through print? The difference is focusing on inbound marketing instead of outbound.  Outbound marketing is all about your company.  It's a big neon sign saying "Here We Are, Look What We Can Do!".  Direct mail is a big part of this - when you only have an instant to make an impression, it makes sense to try and highlight your best qualities in order to generate a response.  Your branding identity is outbound marketing - an attractive logo or marketing piece might get someone's attention at the start, but what keeps it there? By contrast, inbound marketing targets your customer's needs, and what you can do for them.  It's about offering relevant solutions to the challenges your clients are facing.  Inbound marketing creates an instant relationship - whether it's a printed marketing piece or a social media conversation.  Instead of "Look at Me", it's "Look at YOU - How can we make YOU better?" Inbound marketing tactics like personalization, brand loyalty programs, one-to-one marketing, and social media have become a big part of our ever changing business.  And print is still a great way to initiate that interaction. Adapted from Original Article on What They Think?

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