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Marketing Mojo: Building Brand Loyalty through Print

The universal truth is that Print is still the most effective means of marketing out there.  Online and social media might be the big buzzwords of the day, but most small businesses are still relying on print as the focal point of their marketing efforts. More importantly, consumers are still more likely to read and respond to print than any form of digital or online marketing. According to a survey done in January of this year, 75% of people still prefer promotional material and coupons from print media (direct mail, newspapers, magazines, etc.) than from online or other sources.  More than half of those surveyed signed up for a rewards or loyalty program last year.  (Source article from Print in the Mix) In another survey done by Virginia Tech University, alumni were sent either a print or online version of a magazine to test the response and recognition of digital versus print media.  According to the results, Print had a consistently higher open rate, recall rate, and most surveyed preferred the printed version of the magazine.  (Source article from Print in the Mix) So how does that translate to a small business?  If you're looking for an effective way to reach your customers, print is probably the best way to go.  You're more likely to gain both brand recognition and responses with a well-organized print campaign.  For an even higher ROI, utilize methods like multi-channel campaigns, personalization, and highly targeted marketing to maximize your marketing efforts.  Cultivate your customer lists - both prospective and current customers - and build brand loyalty with a consistent and clear message across all of your marketing channels. AG Carmel has the resources and tools to help you make the most out of your print marketing - from mailing list management and direct mail to full service design and marketing strategy.  Call us at 317-844-6629 or to discuss how we can help you grow your business!

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