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Marketing Mojo: Direct Mail in the Digital Age

door-knocker-sm.jpg The facts are all out there for you to find: Direct Mail is still one of the most effective methods of advertising.  But direct mail isn't the same today as it was ten years ago - in fact, if anything, it's even better.  With advancements like variable data printing and QR codes, direct mail serves as a vital piece in the multi-channel marketing puzzle. So how do you make the most out of direct marketing in an increasingly digitally-focused marketplace?  Follow the steps below to ensure you're getting the most out of your direct mail, taken from this article on 1. Understand Your Audience - Identifying your target market is a crucial first step before you start planning any marketing campaign.  "Data needs to be the driver of your marketing decisions when you use direct mail. Lose the mass media mindset and know that all segments are not created equal, and vary your communication accordingly." 2. Pay Attention to your Copy - "Know that direct mail is a copy driven medium. Copy creates the emotion." What you say and how you say it has a big impact on how your audience reacts.  Think carefully about your copy, and make sure you're putting yourself in the best light. 3. Consider All the Factors - There's a lot to keep in mind when coming up with a direct mail piece. Offers, Timing, Competitors and the physical limitations of the piece itself can all make a difference in the effectiveness of a campaign. Are you getting the results you want from your direct mail campaigns?  If not, let us help you craft the perfect direct mail piece!

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