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From the Design Desk: Why Print is a Gateway Media

For a while there, it seemed like most experts believed that the "death of print" was inevitable.  In spite of these predictions, it seems like print design is stronger than ever before. Digital technology has revolutionized the way we see, hear, and interact with the world - particularly in the arts and media industries.  Just take a look at brands like Kodak and Barnes & Noble - photography, film, music, newspapers and books have all been radically affected by new media and production methods. It comes as no surprise that web and interactive design are a hugely growing part of the marketing and design world.  But what is interesting is that print design is no less relevant - and in fact, seems to be making something of a comeback (if it ever really left!). So why is that?  The folks over at Print Magazine have offered a pretty good explanation in this article by Robert Blake.  He calls print a "gateway media" - and I think his reasoning is pretty spot-on: Print adds Legitimacy - For small businesses and start-ups, Blake says, "Consumers and other businesses recognize that money is commitment. By producing print collateral, you demonstrate to potential clients, colleagues and business partners that you are willing to invest in your business." It's no longer Print vs. Digital - It's not a conversation of one or the other, but how both can be used effectively.  Print is used to drive digital traffic - which can be seen as simply adding a website to a business card, or creating large-scale PURL and interactive campaigns. Print is Still Big Business - "While it’s true that designers and agencies are under more pressure to provide digital and web based solutions, that doesn’t mean that the demand for print design is waning. It simply means that the market for print has shifted, and the way it’s being leveraged has changed." And finally, Print still has more to offer.  It's evolving, with tools and resources that are more accessible and affordable than ever before. Check out the full article over at Print's website, and tell us your thoughts!  Have you seen any print campaigns that make great use of digital technology?   Share your thoughts with us on Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook !

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