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Marketing Mojo: Women in the "Mad Men" age of marketing

When advertising and marketing first emerged in the US as a major profession over 150 years ago, women were still unable to vote.  However, by the "Mad Men" era of the 1960's, women had begun to make their mark on the industry - just take a look at Mary Wells Lawrence.

In 1966, Lawrence became the founding president of Wells Rich Greene, a powerhouse agency known for its innovative and revolutionary work. She was the first female CEO of a company listed on the NYSE.

As a pioneer for women in the field, she understood the challenges and obstacles women faced, as evidenced by one of her more famous quotes:  "You can't just be you. You have to double yourself. You have to read books on subjects you know nothing about. You have to travel to places you never thought of traveling. You have to meet every kind of person and endlessly stretch what you know."  


Despite what AMC's "Mad Men" might make you think, women have been responsible for quite a few famous ad campaigns - from the 1960's and onward.  Business Insider recently posted a gallery of ads from 1910 - 1970 that were created or written by prominent women in the industry.  Click here, or the image on the right to visit the gallery!

Know of any other great "Mad Men" era ads we should share?

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