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Marketing Mojo: Why Traditional Printing Still Matters

People talk about the "death" of traditional printing in the same way that they talk about the decline of television.  Certainly TV today doesn't look anything like what it used to - YouTube, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix and premium networks like HBO and Showtime have redefined the way we watch serialized programming.  But the reality is that all of these new technologies have done nothing to contribute to the "death" of television - if anything the genre has become stronger, with more shows than ever being produced across a wider variety of mediums. Likewise, don't count out printing just yet.  Just like television, our industry is changing and adapting to new technologies all the time, making print more efficient, more innovative, and more cost-effective all the time.  In an article on Huffington Post's Small Business page, author Lee Traupel discusses why traditional print is still one of the most effective means of reaching out to current and potential customers, for a very simple reason:
Print is tactile.  We spend so much of our time staring into screens, at work and and home.  Print offers a sensory experience, and when the medium is used properly, it can be a truly unique piece that will make a huge impact on your target audience.
Traupel goes on to list a number of innovative ways to change up your print marketing for maximum impact, including:
Paper can make a big difference in the impact of a piece.
  • Be creative - Use the medium to your advantage to create a unique piece.  Imagery, color, texture, paper and print method can all  contribute to the design of a piece and make a huge difference in how it is presented.
  • Leave an impression - Business cards, flyers, brochures - print pieces can easily be left behind with potential clients or customers.  Craft a piece they'll want to hold on to, and your name will not be easily forgotten!
  • Add value - There is a level of prestige associated with custom printed pieces that can set you aside from the competition.  Personalization, specialty finishing and targeted mailing lists can give your marketing the edge you need.
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