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Marketing Mojo: Is the Pen still mighter than the Keyboard?

For most people, this would seem like a strange conversation to be having.  Is taking notes on a computer more or less effective than taking notes by hand?  Ten years ago, it was a conversation that hadn't even really begun yet.  I'm still young, I grew up with computers - but even for me, the idea of a laptop or tablet being a classroom or conference room essential is still a bit surprising.  And while it might work well for some, it's certainly not universal. In a recent article on KQED, author Katrina Schwartz talks about a recent study in the journal Psychological Science. Researchers Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer asked students to take notes on a 20-minute video lecture using either longhand or a computer that had been disabled for any other use. Mueller had the idea for the study after a personal experience where she had forgotten to bring her laptop to a lecture.  The results of the study were fairly conclusive - nearly all the students who took notes by hand had better retention of the material than those who took notes on a computer. It's easy to see how this data is beneficial in a classroom, but what about in a corporate environment?  It might not seem that useful, but trust us - it definitely is. Here at AlphaGraphics, our whole staff meets every day to go over jobs in the system and make sure that everyone is on the same page with current orders, and all of us take notes on our job lists, or in a separate notebook.  Whether your office meets daily, weekly or monthly, there's always critical information that can be more easily retained if you're taking notes. And even though you might be done with formal education, there are plenty of learning opportunities in any field, and a lot of those are done online.  Rather than relying on a provided outline or powerpoint, take your own notes during webinars and presentations to help you remember what you've learned. Notebooks, notepads and pens make great giveaways for conferences and events because they encourage attendees to use them to help retain the information you've worked so hard to put together.  If you're looking for something unique or high-end, consider doing pre-printed workbooks, or even a customized padfolios for your guests or clients!
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