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Marketing Mojo: Stealth "Un-Marketing"

I don't watch a lot of "live" television these days.  I'll make exceptions for a few new shows each year, occasional football games, or big events like the Olympics.  The big difference between watching TV and using a streaming service like Netflix is - of course - commercials. Whenever I go out and watch the Colts games, I get so annoyed with the number of commercials that interrupt the game, especially with how repetitive they tend to be. Commercials aren't the only marketing we're inundated with every day. Online advertisements, click-bait articles, radio ads, and promotional emails have all become white noise to us - rarely grabbing our attention long enough to generate a reaction. An interesting recent article on the John Robert's blog cited a study that said that millenials in particular consume more than 8 hours of content per day from various sources.
While the article does focus on millenials, it makes some excellent points about how to reach out to customers with "un-marketing" techniques - going beyond traditional advertising platforms to make a better connection with potential customers.  Here are three "stealth" techniques that can help you build relationships with customers, without having to bombard them with content: 1. Personalized Printing: The article has a great quote about print. "In the crowded digital media environment, print has a tremendous advantage. It exists. Millennials see print as the quiet among the noise, as something to take their time with and enjoy."  Because we are so heavily surrounded by digital content, print marketing is often seen as something different. It is tactile and tangible, and personalization can help add to the experience. 2. Humanization: More than ever, people tend to heavily rely on recommendations from friends before trying out new products or services. When you humanize your brand or company, consumers see you on their level. You become a friend, and your suggestions hold more weight. Let your customers see the faces behind your brand, or promote your brand as a lifestyle solution rather than a simple service. 3. Support a Cause: Working with non-profit organizations is a great way to not only show support for causes that you and your staff are passionate about, but to also build credibility and esteem in the eyes of customers. There are multiple ways to go about this, from exchanging discounted products or services with your local non-profits or limited time campaigns for an event or charity. Cause marketing should never just be about the good PR, but it is certainly a benefit.
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