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From the Design Desk: A New Year, a New Logo?

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For many people, a new year is a chance to reinvent themselves - getting in shape, changing habits or trying out a new look.  We are constantly striving as individuals to grow and evolve in how we think, look, and perceive the world around us.  The same should be true for our business endeavors - always looking for new ways to be better.  Sometimes that means rebranding, giving your business a visual facelift.  For designers, it also means challenging ourselves to help come up with new ideas for ourselves and our clients. Creative Market recently posted an article pointing out 10 major corporate logos that could use a bit of a refresher.  While some of the logos aren't too bad, I definitely agree there are a few listed here that could use some rebranding (I'm looking at you, Sherwin Williams).  If you're looking for a great creative exercise to start of the year on the right foot, why not take your least favorite corporate logo and give it a new look? While you're working on that challenge, take a look at this great infographic about designing the perfect corporate logo.  It's a great checklist to keep your logo designs looking fresh. And if you do decide to redesign a logo as a creative exercise, be sure to share it with me on Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook and contact us at our website!

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