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Marketing Mojo: Paper Beats Digital, According to Neuroscience

Comparing different methods of print and digital marketing is like playing a game of rock, paper, scissors - every channel has its advantages and disadvantages over the other.  Digital marketing is easily accessible and convenient, but is it as effective?  A recent study from Canadian neuromarketing firm TrueImpact has given new data to support the notion that print advertising (specifically direct mail, in the case study) is more effective in terms of cognitive recall than digital alternatives.
The full study is highlighted in this article on Forbes by Roger Dooley, who has also written several other articles about the science of marketing and the comparison of print and digital.  It's most interesting to me that despite the evidence he presents clearly identifying print as the more effective marketing strategy, his conclusion is not to choose one or the other - but rather to utilize both.
"Science clearly shows paper can be more impactful and memorable than digital. Digital, meanwhile, offers its own huge advantages, including instantaneous access, localization, powerful personalization and targeting, audio and video, and more.Marketers should take advantage of the unique properties of both paper and digital. In particular, print advertising can maximize sensory appeal. Print offers the ability to deliver rich, vivid images along with tactile stimuli." Take a look at some of the data above, or read the full article for more detailed information.
What are your thoughts on the Print vs. Digital debate?  Trying to figure out how to use both to maximize your marketing strategy?  Contact us today at or visit our  Like us on Facebook  Facebook page and website!

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