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Marketing Mojo: Common Signage Mistakes to Avoid

If you've ever started a new business, moved into a new office, or planned for a large event or trade show, you know that signage is sometimes the very last thing you think of in the process.  There are so many other things to focus on, sometimes signage and displays can be almost an afterthought.  For something that can make such a big difference when it comes to visibility and success in a retail or trade show sense, not focusing on your business or event signage from the beginning can make a real impact on your bottom line. funny-store-signs-3-for-3 Making signage mistakes can be easily avoided if we just keep these common mistakes and their solutions in mind:
  1. Spelling Errors - We're all guilty of misspellings now and then, but when it's on your signage not only can it hurt the public perception of your business, but it can also be a costly mistake to fix. The best way to combat this is simply slowing down and double checking the artwork at each interval of the process.
  2. Readability - Hand-in-hand with spelling errors, font choice and legibility are one of the biggest mistakes that happen with signage.  Image resolution and quality could also fit into this category.  Keep in mind things like production method, viewing distance, lighting and dimensionality when designing for signage, and when in doubt, try printing out a swatch or sample to check for things like letter size and image quality.
  3. Placement - The whole purpose of signage is to be seen, so if something is blocking or impacting the signage's visibility, it might be time to rethink the placement.  This holds especially true for outdoor and building signage as well as things like window and wall graphics.
  4. Brand Consistency - Make sure your signage coordinates with the rest of branding, both in font and color as well as style.  Signage is sometimes the first visual impression people get of your business - you want it to be consistent across all channels.
  5. Trying to Say too Much - When you're working with a large area like a banner or billboard, it's tempting to fill up the extra space with information, but the truth is with most signage you have only a brief moment to get your information across.  Keep it as simple as possible, and don't let your message get lost.
  6. Choosing the Wrong Materials - There are lots of different materials and substrates out there, and a wide variety of applications for all of them.  Choosing the wrong material can impact the durability of your signage, which is especially important for things like vehicle, window and wall graphics. Luckily, professionals like the folks here at AG Signs can help you identify the right media for any use.
  7. Care and Maintenance  - If the signage is temporary, or something you only put out once a year, this mistake isn't as much of an issue, but for long-term installations, maintenance is crucial.  Proper care for things like vehicle graphics and trade displays are essential for extending the life of your signs.
  8. Holding on to Old Signage - Old, dirty, rusted and out-of-date signage can give the wrong impression for your business.  Signage can be an investment, but it can make a big difference to customer's attention - and as the industry continues to change and grow with new technology, updating your old signage might be more cost-effective than you realize!

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