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Marketing Mojo: Hit the Road - Vehicle Graphics to Fit Your Budget

When I was in high school, a friend of mine had a horrible old light blue 1980's Toyota Tercel Hatchback that we called the "Rat".  Both doors had been replaced with mismatched red paint, and he had installed a joke car alarm that sounded like someone shouting when it went off.  Realizing we hadn't yet fulfilled this car's full potential for hilarity, we decided on a whim to give it a bit of "flair" by painting flames on the hood using what I can only hope was auto-safe spray paint in the same red as the doors.  A few months later, we one-upped ourselves by spray painting the entire car black, then redoing the flames in metallic silver. Thankfully, these days there are far easier ways to change up the look of your vehicle - ones that don't involve a weekend inhaling black spray paint in your friend's garage, and won't break the bank at the same time.  Whether you want to brand a company car or delivery van, or simply customize your personal vehicle, consider the following options as a cost-effective alternative to full vehicle wraps or custom paint jobs.
Spot Graphics can include text, logos & simple graphics
Spot Graphics If you've ever bought a bumper sticker or one of those "family" decals for your back window, you're familiar with the concept of spot graphics.  Cut Vinyl is probably the most common form of vehicle graphics, and the category covers everything from simple racing stripes to a company logo applied to a door or window.  Available in a wide variety of colors including metallics and full-color printed graphics, cut vinyl is a simple, efficient way to customize a vehicle without the commitment and cost of a full wrap. Window Perforation If your vehicle or van has large windows or you are worried about graphics on your rear window obstructing your view of the road, you might consider window perf.  With material specifically designed for maximum visibility, vehicle perforation can be printed with whatever image you can think of - from flashy tiger eyes or camouflage to a company branded image and logo.
A partial wrap on a mobile canteen trailer for USO of Indiana that included cut vinyl graphics on the doors
Partial Wrap If you are still looking for a way to truly customize or brand your vehicle, partial wraps are the way to go.  Like spot graphics, partial wraps are done with contour cut vinyl - but without the cost and maintenance of a full vehicle wrap.  It's a broad category, to be sure, and cost will always depend on just how much of the vehicle is being covered - but especially when it comes to your business, partial wraps can be a great solution for branding your car or fleet on a budget.  With a vast library of auto templates available to us, we can make sure that your graphics are designed specifically to fit your vehicle.
If you've been considering getting some graphics for your personal or company vehicle, Summer is the perfect season to shift your plans into gear!  Simply bring your vehicle over to AlphaGraphics for a consultation with one of our team to take measurements, discuss options, and come up with the best solution to your vehicle graphics needs!

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