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Marketing Mojo: Straight Talk about Print

In college, I was addicted to the original series of CSI.  I loved the characters and the drama of the crime scene-of-the-week format, but could never quite get over some of the more glaringly obvious mistakes of convenience. (Spoilers: Zoom and enhance don't work like that!)
We have lots of common misconceptions about science - just like we do about any other industry, and print is no exception to that.  Paper and print have gained a bad reputation out of concerns of waste, deforestation and effectiveness versus digital marketing - when frankly, none of those things are actually true!
The folks over at have released a new series of infographics highlighting some common misconceptions and facts about print and direct mail called "Straight Talk"  Check the link to download and view any of their excellent flyers and materials about print and paper, or check out some of the facts below:
Digital is a more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail.
  • Many consumers love receiving mail so much that they ritualize it and imbue it with emotionally-charged meaning.
  • Direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by nearly 600%
  • Direct mail is far more persuasive than digital media it has a 20% higher motivation response
  • More people open print magazines (77%) and view ads that are in them than digital publications (49%).
  • Consumers on average ignore 82% of online ads
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