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Marketing 101 | What "Why" Means to your Direct Mail Marketing

"Why?" is often such a loaded question - the bane of students, philosophers, and parents of toddlers alike. When we think of occasions and instances in which we commonly find ourselves asking "Why?", we typically think of existential or personal situations where we are questioning the natural order or simply sating our own curiosity.
This simple question has the potential to radically affect your marketing strategy if you are asking it in the right fashion. When it comes to direct mail, there are several questions you should be answering - both for your business and for your audience.
  1. Why are you sending this mailpiece?  What are you trying to accomplish with this mailpiece? Are you advertising a particular event or promotion, or are you trying to educate your audience about a particular product or service? Knowing what your target response is can help you refine your lists as well as the mailpiece design itself.
  2. Why have you designed it this way?  Making every aspect of the design a conscious decision, from the paper and size to the actual imagery and copy helps you narrow your focus to generate the strongest possible response.
  3. Why are you sending it now?  What does the timing and schedule have to do with a mailing? If it's for a specific event or limited time offer, you'll want to keep those dates in mind, to make sure you've given yourself just enough time for the mailpiece to be effective, without it being too early and forgotten.
Understanding your "Why's" opens the door for you to create the most effective and efficient mailpiece possible.
Start planning your next personalized direct mail piece today. Contact us at 317.844.6629 or email to find out how we can help you develop and produce the best mailpiece possible.

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