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Print is enjoyable, relaxing and practical - from Two Sides NA

I've been a smartphone user for years, but I just recently acquired an old Nook tablet after my mother upgraded. After being vocally anti e-readers for years, it feels slightly like cheating, but I basically treat it like a larger version of my smartphone with a bigger screen and no text messaging.

I will never prefer reading a book on a digital device over a physically printed copy, and that's just fine - there are plenty of other people in the world who feel exactly the same way. Just take a look at Two Sides NA's latest Infographic, the second in their 3-part series about "Why So Many People Love Print on Paper"

I've seen a multitude of articles over the past month talking about why direct mail and print marketing are still working - and one of the words I hear and use all the time when talking about what differentiates print and digital is "tactile".

It's such a weird thing to say about print - few people think about touch being an important sense when it comes to marketing, but if you've ever found yourself reading a long passage of text by dragging your hand along the page, run your hands over the linen cover of a book, or rotated a gloss or foil coated card to let it catch the light, you understand how interactive paper can be. We should expect our customers to experience our message with more than just their eyes - and there are so many different textures and weights of paper that can add that extra finishing touch to a printed piece to take it to the next level.

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