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Marketing 101 | Fun and Festive Flair

Tips and Tricks for How to Succeed with Holiday Marketing

Every year, I tell myself I won't get excited about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It's tradition in my family to put up our tree over Thanksgiving weekend, and not a moment before. The boxes of holiday albums (we have a lot of Christmas music) and Spotify playlists get queue'd up, and I am officially allowed to wear the Christmas socks I definitely haven't been wearing since October.

We joke and complain about how early businesses start talking about the holidays, but when it comes to seasonal marketing, it is vital for businesses to think ahead. The Christmas season is huge for small businesses, especially retailers. It's not too late to get your marketing plans together, and the folks over at AppInstitute have put together a pretty comprehensive list of 27 ideas for Holiday marketing. We won't go through the whole list, but we thought we'd highlight a few that relate to how we can help you with your holiday marketing needs!

  • Get in the spirit - Add some festive flair to your business, whether that's done by decorating your storefront, changing up your packaging or products, or posting holiday themed messages on social media.
  • Get involved in Local Events - The holidays are a great opportunity for partnering up with other local businesses for hosting or sponsoring charity events or participating in Small Business Saturday (which is this weekend!).
  • Send out Holiday Cards and gifts - Make sure your customers, clients, prospects and friends know that you value their continued partnership. Personalized holiday cards, gifts, and promotions give you an excuse to reach out and connect with your audience.

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