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Marketing Mojo | Good Words vs. Good Values

Writing Persuasive Copy that Sells

I went through a phase about a year ago where I thought I was being smart by ordering things for super cheap on Amazon based on the average customer reviews. I wasn't really reading the reviews, which is how I ended up with three consecutive pairs of cheap Bluetooth headphones that I had to replace within months.

I've learned now to pay attention to the actual reviews, not just the scores, because who knows what is and is not genuine on the internet?

The same is true for marketing. Whether you are sending out email blasts or a direct mail postcard, consumers have gotten wise to marketing "buzzwords". Claims that boast and inflate your successes and qualifications are met with skepticism or indifference, unless you can reputably back them up.

So how do you write marketing copy that is both genuine and persuasive? According to this article from Target Marketing, it's all about words versus values.

"Marketing copy strategies that align with “feeling good” address many aspects of human nature and what really influences us to change our behavior. It's no longer about the words we use to influence behavior, it's about the values we project, our brands, and the values of those we want to do business with us."

Good Character Part of this shift in how consumers approach marketing comes from a rising global awareness. Audiences not only want to support organizations and charities that are doing good works, but they are more likely to work with brands that are actively supporting the same causes. Supporting local charities, events and organizations are a great way to build those relationships.

Good Place For many people, being the "best" isn't necessarily the most important qualifier anymore. Consumers want safety, security and stability. Brands that can provide a sense of comfort are more likely to build loyalty than someone who might be offering a better product but aren't as approachable.

Good Product Value Of course, at the end of the day, whatever you are selling has to speak for itself. Whether you rely on testimonials and reviews, expertise and certifications, or statistics and data your customers want to know that they are being given a quality product or service that has a genuine value.

The right choice in words can make the difference between marketing language that feels hollow or self-important and something that feels genuine. Provoking an emotional response is just as important as a call-to-action in today's marketplace.

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