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Marketing Mojo | 5 Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

Promoting Positive Growth through Networking and Outreach

After a frigid February, it's finally starting to feel like Spring, and that means it's time for things to start growing. I'm ready for the color green again. Workers were out yesterday putting flowers in the planters along Carmel Drive, which hopefully means we're done with frosty weather for the season!

Spring is always a transition period for businesses, as focus shifts away from the chaos of holiday promotions and the first-of-the year business plans. Once spring break passes, it feels like it's time to hit the ground running with marketing strategy for the rest of 2019, and with that comes with a renewed focus on growth and reaching new customers and prospects.

If you're struggling to think of ways to grow your business in 2019, take a look at these 5 tips thanks to contributor Amar Hussein:

  1. Tap Into Your Existing Network Even if you're just starting a new business, you probably already have a network of customers, vendors, peers or neighbors. Your network is one of your best resources for developing new relationships. Consider offering incentives for referrals, or partnering with other businesses for services.
  2. Share Insights Across Multiple Channels Hussein's article, primarily directed at marketing professionals, talks about contributing to industry publications and developing an online presence. These are both great ways to grow contacts, resources and reputation within your industry, but the same could be true of local and community publications. Engaging with customers across multiple channels both online and in print builds recognition and relationships.
  3. Become An Industry Expert Every industry has their own programs, events and presentations. Getting involved not only gives you valuable insider tools for your industry, but also positions you as someone that your customers can trust. Becoming an exhibitor, speaker or presenter at industry events gives you credibility among peers and prospects.
  4. Send Gifts To Prospective Clients Flattery works wonders when it comes to winning big contracts or projects. Everyone appreciates free swag at trade shows and events, but when it's a gift you've obviously put thought and effort into giving to a customer (particularly if it is personalized!) it goes a long way towards building brand relationships.
  5. Get Involved In Your Community I'm going to divert away from on Hussein's original points - his last tip was about engaging on social media, which is important, but I think we already covered in #2 above. Instead, I would encourage a different means of engagement - getting involved in community programs and events. Particularly for small businesses, I think local events like festivals, fairs, charity drives and outreach programs are one of the most valuable ways for a brand to develop connections within the community.

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