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Marketing Mojo | The Changing Face of Signs

How the Sign Industry has Evolved to Keep Up With the Technology of the Times


The International Signs Association (ISA) recently released the video above as a part of their 75th anniversary. It's a short but fascinating look at the history of signage and outdoor advertising and it's importance in the development of design, business and the modern urban landscape.

It's amazing to think of how the sign industry has evolved, especially when you consider how little it changed until the 19th and 20th centuries with the rise of electric and neon signage. Now digital technology has pushed the limits even further for what the medium is capable of, both in production and presentation.

DID YOU KNOW: Our Signage department encompasses far more than just posters and banners. The tools and technology available make it possible to do a lot more than just basic signs and graphics. We regularly produce custom graphics for trade shows, office walls and windows as well as basic signs and entry graphics! Think outside the box! Whatever your custom need is, we can probably make it happen!

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