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Marketing Mojo | A Perf-ectly Good Solution to Privacy and Protection

How to advertise, personalize and protect your retail, office, school or home space using window graphics.

In every police procedural drama on television or film, there is at least one scene of the suspect staring knowingly into the mirrored side of a 1-way window, so that the actor on the outside can react accordingly. It's also usually coupled with the shot from over the shoulder of the person outside the interrogation room, as focus shifts from inside the room to their reflection in the viewing window. It's a staple cliche but I'll be honest it's usually one of my favorite moments of the episode every single time. (The drama! The angst! The irony!)

Mirrored windows aren't the only way to add privacy to a pane of glass without sacrificing the benefits of a window. For businesses with a retail space, sometimes windows are the only surface on which graphics can be applied. But between sign regulations, factors of heat and weather, space and size it can be hard to determine the best type of window signage for your needs. Fortunately these days we have a lot of other options beyond window tinting or mirroring that can give you privacy, protection or advertising without sacrificing light and visibility.

Temporary Window Graphics

Ranging from clear to opaque vinyls that have a low-tack adhesive or are simply held up by static, temporary window graphics are a great way to change up your business look for events or special occasions, or if you have windows or walls that are delicate. This type of application is best for truly indoor use in spaces that don't get a lot of direct light or temperature fluctuation.

Window Perf

Perforated window films are one of the best way to block out large areas of a window without sacrificing visibility from the inside. Perf is printed on one side with a black backing on the other with tiny holes all through the material that let in light. It's an ideal solution for areas that need privacy during the day or with extended direct sunlight, as the material is proven to help reduce heat. There are various types of perf available that have a different ratio of vinyl to open space, allowing you to maximize either graphic area or visibility based on what is most important.

Frosted or Translucent Vinyls

Frosted vinyls are meant to look like the windows have been etched, reducing visibility from either side to a muted, foggy blur. Because they are translucent, these materials don't block a great deal of light, but they can be contour cut for lettering and shapes to give windows a unique look that can be both visually appealing and practical.

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