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Marketing Mojo | Don't Ignore Your Signs

A business without a sign is a sign of no business.

We've all heard the adages about first impressions - not judging a book by it's cover might be an important metaphor for personal interaction (and books!) but when it comes to our business, we want to make sure we're always putting our best face forward. This means making sure that our customers and prospective clients always know who we are, what we do and how and where to find us.

Advertising and marketing are a key part of that focus, but if you have a physical location, your signage and building are just as important. Signage is another way that your customers interact with your brand, and one of the first ways that people see you, whether that's a large building sign, a window display, a passing vehicle or at an event or trade show. Your signage should help to establish your brand, not work against it. But what type of signage is appropriate for your needs? Here are a couple of quick factors to consider to help you determine what type of signage need best fits your business.

Outdoor Signage - Placement and Permanence

If you're in an office building or retail location, putting signage up at an outdoor event or work site, or looking to add sun protection, you have a couple of options for outdoor signage to help identify and advertise your business. Permanent building or street signs, plaques or marquee signs, yard signs and banners or graphics applied directly to your doors or windows are all ways to enhance your building facade. Be sure to keep in mind how long the signs need to be able to stay up, and if there are any regulations in place by your landlord or city before installation.

Indoor Signage - Use and Reuse

Retail and Display signage can be daunting to look into if you're not sure what you need, but fortunately there are a couple easy ways to narrow down what works best for you. Whether you need semi-permanent retail signage to hang in a window or a wall installation, there are any number of substrates, materials and hardware to make the perfect display.

Trade Show and Event Signage - Cost and Convenience

Event signage combines the best of both worlds, and can range from big ticket booth displays that require construction to pop-up booths, banners and backdrops that can be broken down into easy-to-carry protective cases. Event signage can be decorative as well as directional, and depending on your needs, can even be updated for consecutive annual events in some cases.

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