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What is Essential to Your Business?

COVID-19 has changed all our lives and how we do business. For most, sheltering in place has become a new way of life - and is critical to slowing the curve. Many others are maintaining small teams to continue providing essential services.

In addition to healthcare and city services such as police and postal carriers, there are many other businesses that we all rely on to maintain some normalcy in our lives. Whether that is grocery stores, local restaurants, construction or home repair and technology, we need and appreciate the workers continuing to provide these services.

These organizations among others, have been deemed essential businesses, just like us, so the team at AlphaGraphics Carmel are still here to meet your communications needs. You may need temporary signage to indicate that you are remaining open, to outline new hours or protocol for customers and staff. Others might rely on small posters or flyers they can display or distribute. And, since the USPS is also an essential business, direct mail is a great way to reach out and share your updated message with your audience.

Whether you are continuing to provide essential services from your office or store, or working from home, it is vital that we keep communicating with our customers. At some point this will end (hopefully soon), but regardless we need to be prepared so that we are ready to return to work providing the services our customers rely on.

Hopefully you are taking this time to think about what is essential to you, whether you are able to work from home or simply social distancing. It has been a good chance to reassess how we are spending our time, and how we want to emerge from this crisis. For some, life may take them in a whole new direction, but I imagine, for most of us, we just want to get back to doing what we do best.

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