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Keeping In TOUCH | Avoid Contributing to Online Fatigue with Direct Mail

In the past two weeks, I've had two book clubs and family game night over Zoom, online hangouts with friends over Discord two or three times a week, watched a live talk show broadcast over YouTube and managed to watched the first season of a show on Netflix - not to mention being in the office here at AlphaGraphics during the week! I feel like I'm busier now than before social distancing began, and the more I talk to family and friends, the more I hear the same sentiments from them.

Online fatigue is a real phenomenon that many of us are struggling with, beyond just the desire to see and spend time with our loved ones, we're getting overwhelmed by the amount of time we spend on screens. This means that online advertisers are having to work extra hard to keep our attention, thus perpetuating the problem. We need to find ways of stepping back from our devices and safely connecting within social distancing, and the same goes true for how we interact as businesses and customers.

Direct Mail's Time to Shine

With more people working from home than ever, taking a break to walk to your mailbox might be less of a chore and more of a chance to get outside and stretch your legs. Direct Mail marketing is the perfect way to reach out to a world desperate for tactile connection. Of course, an increased focus on Direct Mail means you need to work a little harder to get noticed in your audience's mailbox.

So how do you stand out in an increasingly crowded mailbox? We've talked before about ways to ramp up your Direct Mail game, but here are a few quick ideas when it comes to planning a campaign in our connection-starved market:

  • Size Matters - Finish size can make a big difference in the impact of a mailpiece, but it is important to be conscious of ratios and weight, as those can negatively affect your postage costs and your bottom line
  • Innovative Finishing - From unique folds and finishes to full color custom envelopes, there are a lot of ways to make a mailpiece stand out amongst a crowd. The more someone wants to open an envelope or take a second look at a postcard, the more likely you are to see a response.
  • Be Mindful of your Message - It's more important than ever to be conscious when it comes to how we address our customers with care and sincerity. You also want to make sure you are maintaining consistency with your brand so that your message doesn't get confused for something else (See the article below for a good example of mixed messaging!)

Direct Mail has always been a staple in our marketing toolkits. As we look for new and innovative ways to interact that aren't behind a screen, it's even more important than ever whether you are looking to reach out and communicate with customers, prospects, business contacts, or internal employees working from home.

Plus, the more we continue to rely on mail, the more we support the USPS and the work they do to help us keep business running smoothly.

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