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Back to Work Essentials: Workplace Must-Haves

Back to Work Essentials

Workplace Must-Haves for the New Normal

Slowly but surely, we are getting back into the groove of the everyday. While many people are still working from home - and may very well be for some time yet - more and more places are reopening for business, including restaurants, banks and retailers, with precautions in place for the health and safety of workers and customers alike. Those precautions include everything from PPE and facemasks to cleaning regimens and personnel restrictions. As protective equipment becomes the every day standard, many brands are looking for ways to make these products more available to employees and customers. Promotional product companies are stepping up to the plate, making it easy for businesses to provide health and safety products. Think of it like back-to-school shopping for grown-ups - the new workplace essentials!
Back to Work Essentials
  • Face Coverings - Fabric or medical facemasks are now required for many businesses, including most banks. Many custom retailers have already added fabric masks to their available products, or you can have masks made for your business or brand.
  • Sanitizer & Cleaning Wipes - Hand sanitizer has always been a staple around most workplaces, but personal supplies of sanitizer or cleansing wipes can help keep you protected on the go. Individual sanitizers have long been a staple of promotional products, with a wide variety of options including liquid, sprays or wipes.
  • No-Contact Displays & Signage - Keep your customers and employees informed and up-to-date safely with signage and display materials, from protective barriers to decals and floor graphics that make instructions and restrictions clear and easy to follow.
  • Packaging & Labels - For businesses providing physical products for pickup or delivery, taking extra precautions with packaging can help streamline new processes. Customized labels are a cost-effective alternative to custom packaging that can double as a protective seal.
  • Online Presentations and Form Templates- While many businesses are reopening their offices or physical locations, a great deal of business is still being conducted online, from web-hosted meetings to email transactions. Now that we've had time to adjust to these new formats, we can make sure we're providing digital tools that display the same level of quality as our print marketing.
What other objects or needs do you think have become new "essentials" as we strive for a return to business as normal? Let us know how we can provide any of the above tools for you and your business - or how we can best help you get back to doing what you do best!

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