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Preparing for the Post Pandemic

SIGN INSIGHTS | Nik Rivera, Large Format Specialist
How to keep your customers and employees safe & informed with signage
It’s no secret that many businesses are not receiving the same amount of business as they did just a few months ago. Whether it's showing what you're doing, reminding people what to do or telling them what's different; real communication is critical. While we are confident that better days lie ahead and a return to normalcy is imminent, we know that it’s our duty to help your business stay safe and let your customers know what services you have to offer.
At AlphaGraphics, we offer a wide array of products that can play an important role in a variety of ways: Signage and tools to show you’re open, and following social distancing, health and safety guidelines. These tools could be floor decals making those who enter your business aware that you are practicing social distancing. Package purchases in custom printed paper bags or add a logo sticker to their take-out box. Adding items such as magnets imprinted with your hours and website or other relevant items adds valuable impact. With a lot of the world working from home right now we understand how important it is to still get your brand out there, while not going out there. Consider custom apparel for video calls, notebooks to stay organized or branded drinkware for their morning coffee to help turn their new HQ into the perfect workspace. Here are just a few items that you may not have thought about that can change how your customers see your business in these odd times:
  • Step & Repeat Banners for your Video Conference Calls - Such a simple and easy way to turn your online meeting into a professional setting. You can still answer that conference call in your "Zoom shirt" (and sweatpants!) but with a branded banner or graphic on the wall behind you, your home meeting space turns into a professional conference room.
  • Heavy Laminated Restaurant Menus - This is a good way to put your original menu (in color!) back out in the public. These laminated menus are easy to clean and put back on the table, maybe with a ‘Sanitized’ Label. (see the next bullet point!) This also makes it easier for your returning customers to read a menu that they are familiar with.
  • ‘Sanitized’ Stickers - Your customers will have peace of mind with something so simple. Whether it be a small circle label that you can put on reusable sanitized items, or a label for a door entrance letting anybody know that these items are cleaned and ready to use, this small action can show that you care.
  • Give-away Pens & Pencils - I think these are cute anytime, but especially now. We still use pens and pencils everyday, but obviously these are a little bit more difficult to sanitize after every use. Luckily, since these are a bulk order item, they’re super easy to give away to anybody that uses them. You can even put a little saying on them like “Take me with you!”
What other materials do you think could be used to give your customers and employees more peace of mind in the coming months? Let us know if there are any ways we can help you get back to business safely!

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