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Is Paint Dead?

Customizing Your Workspace is easier than ever with wall graphics. Nik Rivera | Sign Specialist Whether you are moving into a new space or are trying to give your current space a fresh new look, one of the first places to start is to your walls. Most people go the traditional route, and just choose the brand colors for their company. While this of course is fine, why not Get Noticed? lighting wall Here are 5 reasons why wall graphics are the obvious choice:
  1. Wall Graphics make your brand POP! immediately When you go the old fashioned route and just use paint, you are -for the most part- stuck with just a simple color or two to decorate your walls. When you use wall graphics, any image, motto, slogan, logo, design and basically anything you can think of, can be printed using our Large Format printer. We use the latest technology from HP to create crisp graphics with high resolution and vibrant colors to match your company branding. This looks great when your customers first walk in your front door and are met by custom graphics.
  2. Wall Graphics keep your space looking clean and fresh. Painted walls get scratched, dirty and start to peel and fade over time, inevitably making your space look dingy and dated. Our wall graphics are rated to have a lifespan for up to 10 years, depending on conditions. Wall Graphics are super easy to clean, just a soft wet cloth with some mild soap will return your graphics back to new. You will always be able to present a clean, fresh environment to visitors, clients and employees alike, all while maintaining a reputation for quality.
  3. Paint is expensive! Tape, brushes, paint, drop cloths, rollers and don’t forget about the labor. All these costs can easily start to get out of control quickly. Painting requires hours, and sometimes days of prep work depending on the size of your space. Between the financial resources and the manpower that you have to commit, it only makes sense to hand the job off to us! We have a skilled team that can get in and out of your space efficiently and now, following guidelines from the CDC, safely.
  4. Wall Graphics make your wall space functional  Wall and floor graphics aren't just for decoration and appeal anymore. Whether it be a mission statement, an ad, or a full wall sized dry erase board (using specialty materials such as lamination), your custom graphics turn a normal wall into something practical. Floor graphics are limitless! Guide clients through a work area, directional signage for buildings and social distancing reminders are a great use of your floor space.
  5. Repairs or changes can be done in a snap Since we do the installation and printing of the wall graphics, it's easier than ever to update your graphics or fix a damaged section. Since you don’t have to repaint when you want to change your look, this makes wall graphics much more valuable than paint. Our graphics are made to last and will stand the test of time, making your wall graphics a valuable investment.

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