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The Small Business Response to COVID-19

As we continue to face the challenges the pandemic has created, how can small business owners position themselves for success? Stess Ringold | Graphic Designer In March of this year, we were on track for one of our best fiscal years to date. Now, seven months later, we are grateful for the continued opportunity to serve our customers to the best of our capability. The future of small business operations in Indiana and the USA are fraught with uncertainty, but AlphaGraphics is committed to being there for our customers to provide print, design, signage and mailing services with the same passion for quality we have always had. Forbes recently posted a really great article by contributor Rhett Power detailing strategies that small businesses in particular can adopt in order to help refocus and rebuild as we move into the last quarter of 2020, without an end to the pandemic in sight. The full list is in the article above, but I've boiled it down to what I think are the four most important points below:
  • Get Back to Your Roots - Remember what made you passionate about starting your business in the beginning
  • Refocus Your Marketing Strategy - Figure out what is and isn't working, and find new ways of increasing engagement. Offer new products and services in areas of need where you see opportunities
  • Embrace Social Responsibility - As a business, participate in local and national fundraisers and social initiatives. Be authentic and genuine in showing support for your community and your customers will continue to support your business now and in the future.
  • Champion Your Employees - Workers are the backbone of your business and what keeps your tight ships running. They're also your biggest advocates, and especially now, fostering a positive work environment during a crisis is crucial to future growth.

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