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(Window) Frost Nipping At Your Nose

An old-fashioned technique meets modern technology Nik Rivera | Sign Specialist Window Frost, or Etch Vinyl is a specialty product that has a multitude of uses, and we put those to the test! Originally designed for mimicking the look and feel of etched or frosted glass (normally by the means of sandblasting), this beautiful and durable vinyl can transform any glass surface for privacy, protection, branding and aesthetics. Privacy is a Right! Letting light into your office space is important and completely possible with our translucent window frost. While general shapes and outlines of elements and figures can be seen through the vinyl, its opacity prevents seeing any details.Whether it be a work area that you want to keep private or a conference room in the middle of your building, we have you covered! Nobody likes to be the main attraction behind glass at the zoo. Protection Perfection Our window frost helps diffuse – or soften – light, while not fully obscuring it. Perfect for offices with glass exposure to the outside, frosted vinyl can diffuse sunlight to reduce its intensity and soften/reduce the glare. It’s also helpful with protecting yourself from direct sunlight, just in case you weren’t looking for that perfect tan just yet. Brand Spankin’ View The results are in and it’s unanimous - frosted vinyl simply looks great and always works to dress-up the place! Most office spaces have glass, and this is an easy way to put your brand out there. We are able to print and contour cut any logo and reproduce any corporate brand colors, transforming a once bland and fingerprinted sheet of glass into something that you won’t be able to take your eyes off! It’s the Aesthetics for Me… Similar to offering privacy – and preventing people from seeing in – etched vinyl’s opacity is perfect for the reverse: preventing those from seeing out. In certain circumstances, it’s the view outside that’s unappealing you want to hide. By applying frosted vinyl to the windows, anything unsightly outside is an issue no more!

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