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Grow Your Brand with Large Format Printing

Have you ever been to a sporting event and seen the name of the building sponsor and their logo all over the venue? At festivals, you may have seen large banners at every entrance for the food and drink sponsors. Maybe you have been to a convention and seen the windows decorated with pictures from the event’s sponsors. These methods of advertisement are considered large format print items, and they help large companies become household names.  

What It Is

Large format print is a marketing tool that allows your signs, banners, and logos to become a piece of the environment, standing out for all to see at every angle. They can often become points of navigation, like “if we get lost, we’ll meet by the Coke sign,” or “meet us at the building with the picture of the Nike swoosh on the window.” These advertisements have a life of their own, and while they can be done for smaller businesses on a smaller scale, large format print is often associated with larger corporations. They are the embodiment of large business, and if you want your business to be seen as a big player, they are likely a part of your marketing plan. Large format print can be provided by marketing services partners who have the specialty equipment, substrates and especially the expertise to develop large format pieces that meet your marketing objectives and are appropriate for the environment in which they will be embedded.


Businesses did not become household names overnight. Marketing, in many forms, helped them become recognized staples in today’s society. Traditional television, radio, and print advertising – as well as large format print – have all contributed to help imbed these businesses into our minds, both consciously and subconsciously.  Large format print often works on the subconscious level. For instance, the consumer may not have any idea as to what XCEL Energy is, but the logo becomes familiar after being in the XCEL Energy Center and walking on the floor and seeing the banners. Likewise, the logos relating to the Minnesota Wild will be forever a part of your brain after seeing the large window clings of the players in their jerseys. This all shows how brand recognition can be so ingrained in the consumers’ minds that life without these brands would seem unimaginable. This type of marketing occurs all throughout the country – as well as the world – on every possible level. Whether it be for sporting events, conventions, business functions, or concert events, large businesses are making sure to make an impression. Even on a smaller scale, businesses can utilize large format print to make a lasting impression. Items like display banners, table covers, and posters are all part of the branding that is associated with large format printing.

Get Noticed

To learn more about helping your business become a household name, contact the experts at Alphagraphics Minneapolis and Alphagraphics Apple Valley.  Our trained experts not only help you design and lay out your large format printing project, but they can also help you determine how and when the project will be best suited to fit your advertising plan to help your business grow.  We are here to help you and will provide advice and assistance for all aspects of your project—from marketing and design conception, to materials and formats—to make sure the results exceeds expectations. 

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