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The Benefits of Variable Data Printing and Personalized Marketing

Variable Data Printing is a key driver of one-to-one marketing. This type of marketing enables a company to personalize their marketing materials toward a specific person or audience, helping to connect directly with each person in the database. Personalized marketing can help drive loyalty, engagement and response as it signals customers that the company has made an effort to learn about and speak to the customer as an individual.


One-to-one marketing can help businesses stand out from the crowd in an intensely competitive landscape. The applications for personalized marketing are are broad and impressive. For example, while most people may associate personalized marketing pieces with postcard or letters, the concept can even be executed with signage.  When a customer sees his/her name on a large format product, like a sign or poster, it attracts the customer’s attention in a big way.  There is a “wow factor” in seeing your name highlighted in large print or in the spotlight. Another useful application for one-to-one marketing is a personalized URL (pURL) and landing page.  Not only does a pURL make a customer feel “special”, it exploration of the landing page and drives higher engagement and a longer page visit. Another common application for variable data printing is promotional items, such as pens, notepads, mugs, or even high tech gadgets.. There is a personalized promotional product concept that can be positioned for any demographic audience.  A great application for a specifically themed, personalized promotional item is a pre trade show mailing, inviting the customer to attend the show, and including a small personalized gift to create interest and attention for the invitation.  The promotional item can even become the invitation (for example, a personalized flash drive the contains a video invitation to a trade show booth with a product launch announcement).   

The Benefit

The benefit of this type of marketing is no different than the benefit of sending a card for someone’s birthday. People like to feel special and important. They appreciate being recognized by others.  People certainly  enjoy personalized messages from friends and family, but personal messages from companies are also effective. Data shows that a personalized direct mail campaign can increase a response rate by 30-50%.  With that kind of lift, imagine what adding one-to-one marketing can do for your bottom line! While personalized marketing capabilities have been available for some time, utilizing variable print and other personalized tactics is still growing and still feels special and more targeted to the customer.  Data also shows that, the more marketers can get customers to engage in a campaign, the higher the sales lift.   Two of the best ways to motivate campaign engagement are:  deliver your message through multiple media, including a mixture of digital and print, and utilize personalization.

Your Local Variable Data Expert

To learn more about Variable Data printing and one-to-one marketing, contact the experts at AlphaGraphics Minneapolis or Alphagraphics Apple ValleyOur team of print service experts can help you design a personalized marketing campaign from concept to design to mailing.  We’ve helped countless clients create personalized messaging that generate business and get results. Contact us today to get started!

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