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Presentations or Branding Events?

Stage actors often admit that they have anxiety before each and every performance, even when they have performed the same show over 1,000 times. So it is not surprising that most businesspeople are laser focused on preparing for and practicing an important presentation. However, if presenters focus only on the presentation itself, and not the supporting presentation materials, they miss many opportunities to more successfully reinforce their brand during the entire duration of a customer visit.  With some very simple enhancements before, during and after a presentation, you can achieve significantly greater and lasting branding impact. Brand building opportunities begin from the moment a customer walks in the door at your office and continue until they walk out the door.

Get Noticed

The five touch rule  encourages marketers to reinforce brand in at least five different ways during a customer interaction. The five touches should begin before a presentation begins and continue after the formal meeting ends. For example, how often do you set up a “Welcome [Customer Name]” branded sign, pop up banner or electronic display for the customer to see as soon as they enter your facility?  Most people enjoy seeing their name “in lights” and because it’s not done very often, the impact of people seeing their names on a sign, especially one with custom graphics, has lasting impact.    Additionally, display similar graphics on a printed sign, banner, wall or floor graphic at the front or back of the presentation room.    Next, while obvious, having an attractive set of marketing materials prepared for the customer is an important branding touch. Having marketing literature neatly arranged in a branded pocket folder, with business card slots on the inside effectively creates a crisp and professional image. Better yet, include a branded, customized letter or flyer that addresses the subject of the presentation and thanks the customer for attending.

Stay Noticed

During your presentation, consider adding things that will make your pitch more memorable than a “hum drum” Powerpoint slide show. Utilizing video is a very powerful way to command attention during a presentation and create a longer memory of what you presented, as these video marketing statistics suggest. Of course, make sure your videos are branded! Once your presentation is over, make sure your customer has something to take home besides printed literature.  You can give customers a branded notepad or pen, or be more creative and give them a branded technology item such as a flash drive or a charger. Promotional products, especially if they are high quality and consistent with your brand image, help remind your customer of you when they use your gift over and over again in the weeks and months after the meeting. Finally, make sure your business cards make a lasting impression. Your business cards stand out if you print them on heavier stock, add special features like metallic ink or foil, create them with a unique shape, or print them on unique materials.   Everything you do from the time the customer arrives at your facility until the time they leave should be tightly coordinated and tied together with consistent brand identity materials. So the next time you are tempted to spend most of your pre meeting prep time practicing a presentation, don’t forget about creating at least four other branded touches while your customer is a captive audience!

Rely on Alphagraphics for your Next Presentation

To learn more about tools to leverage your brand beyond a simple presentation, contact the experts at Alphagraphics Minneapolis and Alphagraphics Apple Valley. We know your business depends on great presentation materials and we will deliver that for you. High quality, great service, on time, every time! 

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