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Cut through Message Clutter with Unique Brand Tools

Your company has a message to deliver. You want your clients to think of you as their go-to company when they need your products and services. Very often, however, your message gets lost in all the message clutter that people are flooded with every day.  To avoid having your message drowned out in a sea of other communications, try these nine branding ideas to cut through the clutter and convey a clear, memorable message.

Big Graphics

Most people are visual. They remember a photo or a logo before they remember text or a tagline.   Graphics—especially large ones--can help you get your message across quickly and effectively. There are several types of less common, attention-getting graphics that can aid in your endeavor: floor graphics, oversized wall graphics, vehicle graphics and pop-up banners. Floor graphics are terrific for events and venues that utilize a lot of ground space. Floor graphics can be impactful in sporting venues, on trade show floors and on office and hallway floors. Think of the ground as a huge billboard space that often has less message competition than most traditional media.    Floor graphics can be large, colorful and temporary, or durable enough to remain in place for an extended period of time. Oversized wall graphics are also a great message platform.   Consider communicating on arena walls, retail store walls, or hallway or conference room walls.   Well-designed, large wall graphics will draw attention and make an impactful, lasting impression. Vehicle graphics, also known as vehicle wraps, make a great traveling billboard.   Vehicle wraps allow your business to be advertised any time your company vehicle is on the road.   Traditionally, graphics were most common on service and delivery trucks.  Now, with the growth of “large format” printing equipment, it is easier, quicker and less expensive to source graphics for any type of vehicle, including a business owner’s car. Another clever marketing tool is a retractable “pop-up” banner.  These portable signs can be used permanently (say at the reception area of your business), or easily transported and used at temporary events like trade shows.   The beauty of a pop-up banner is that it can be set up in less than a minute, and when the event is done, retracted back into a portable carrying case.

Video and Other Unique Marketing Tools

There are other marketing tools that can also be extremely helpful in cutting through the clutter and creating a unique message, including videos, specialty business cards, oversized brochures and promotional items. Using these tools can help you get noticed and grow your business. The use of videos is exploding.   Many people, especially millennials, prefer to consume video above any other type of media.  Whenever you are developing websites, social media, and email campaigns always consider how you can utilize video.   There is no substitute for your customers seeing your products and services in action and evidence strongly suggests that video will drive more engagement with your message. Business cards and brochures, if they are not ordinary, are great tools to help someone remember you. When you develop business cards and brochures, make sure they stand out from everyone else’s. To make business cards stand out, use a higher quality or thicker paper stock or texture, or a substrate other than paper.   Similarly, design brochures that are oversized or utilize texture or unique shapes to allow your material to stand out from the stacks of collateral that your customers receive from your competition. Finally, leaving something in your customer’s hands in addition to traditional marketing pieces may increase your odds of being remembered, if you are creative.   Consider using promotional items, but think beyond keychains and pens.   There is a vast array of promotional items that can be sourced, including from some marketing and print vendors.  Look for items that reinforce your brand and always buy quality (you don’t want to be remembered for a cheap pen that doesn’t write well!).   Finally, no matter how else you deliver your message, your most important brand tool is you and the impression you make!   Don’t forget to “show up”!   Make time to meet with customers for coffee, lunch or host an event.   All your other tools will have more impact when you develop personal relationships with your customers.

Your Twin Cities Print Center  

Let AlphaGraphics be your go-to design team for unique marketing tools. With four designers on staff in addition to our customer service team, we have expertise from ideation through the design and production of your marketing tools.   Contact us at (612) 340-1111 to start your marketing project today.

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