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How to Increase Conversions and Avoid Banner Blindness

Digital advertising has gained a significant share of ad spend for several years and it continues to grow with no indication of slowing down.  According to a study by, digital advertising will account for 38.4% of all U.S. advertising spending in 2017 and is expected to continue to rise, surpassing all other advertising forms including print, television and radio.   The benefits of digital advertising – including flexibility, real time results and targeting - paired with the fact that consumers are spending more time online are reasons why digital advertising is here to stay. However, as digital platforms become increasingly crowded, consumers are becoming even less likely to read or respond to online advertisements leading to something called “Banner Blindness”.  Banner blindness is the term researchers now use to identify the growing number of customers who easily scan right over online banner advertisements.  So, what can business do to compete in an increasing crowded digital landscape?  The solution, not surprisingly, involves relying on more traditional methods such as print to create multi-media campaigns that reach customers on many levels.

How Print Can Help Overcome Digital Marketing Challenges

Large format printingWhether you are a small company with a marketing budget under a thousand dollars or a large corporation with a marketing budget in the millions, every business faces the decision of how to best allocate their marketing dollars for the greatest return.  While digital marketing is still growing its share of spend, many smart marketers recognize that a mixed media approach can complement and improve effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns.  Print, in many forms, can help increase overall response rates across ALL mediums and help overcome digital marketing’s biggest hurdles.   Standing alone, digital marketing faces increasing challenges including a saturated landscape, the rise in adblocking software and ‘false’ returns clouded by “non-human” web traffic (aka ‘bots’).  However, when implemented as part of a larger campaign which includes print, these challenges are mitigated. So, how can businesses use print to support or complement a digital campaign?   Below are just a few of the many print options for helping companies rise above a cluttered digital landscape.
  • Personalized Mailing Campaign: According to, the average response rate for an email campaign is .2% while the average response rate for a mail campaign is 3.7%. This statistic alone should make you reconsider a direct mail campaign but if you need more convincing, read our previous blogs, Do You Think Direct Mail is Old-fashioned? and The Benefits of Variable Data Printing and Personalized Marketing.  Pairing a mail campaign with digital enhancements such as a personalized URL offering a gift or discount, are proven to raise response rates even higher.
  • Catalogs: According to a study by USPS, 70% of consumers open and read all catalogs received by mail, spending an average of 15 – 20 minutes looking at a catalog, where an email garners 8 seconds.  Email marketing can be utilized in tandem with catalogs to remind customers to look in their mailbox, offer exclusive discounts or reinforce branding.  Together, these components strengthen branding and consumer awareness, both online and off.
  • Large Format Printing: Advances in printing technology has made large format printing quick, easy and affordable. Companies should look to large format printing options such as window graphics and banners to reinforce a digital branding campaign.  Statistics indicate that 85% of customers live or work within a 5-mile radius of a business.  While seeing an online banner can help reinforce branding, large eye-catching signage or window coverings lets your customers know exactly where you are. For more about the benefits of large format printing, read a previous blog, Grow Your Brand with Large Format Printing.

Avoid Banner Blindness

Whether you opt for one of the ideas above or want help conceptualizing a different print solution to complement your digital marketing efforts, Alphagraphics can help.   We are visual communications experts that can help your business get noticed and get business, both online and off.  To develop a print solution that enhances your digital marketing efforts, contact the experts at AlphaGraphics at (612) 340-1111.  

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