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Client or Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas (and don't forget your employees too!)

The holiday season is almost upon us.  For many businesses, the holidays or a company anniversary are natural choices as a time to let your corporate clients or customers know that you appreciate their business.  Statistics indicate that it costs between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to hold onto a new customer.  Meaning the small investment to let your clients know how much you value them is well worth it.
Choosing the Appropriate Corporate Client or Customer Thank You Gift
Finding the right thank you gift for your clients or customers requires some careful consideration.  A little forethought and planning is necessary to ensure that your sentiments and your message are delivered in the best possible way.  Here are a few considerations when deciding on a gift:
  • Type of Relationship: Client relationships can vary from strictly professional to more informal to somewhere in between. You may decide to have tiers of gifts depending on the nature of your client relationship or choose one gift that fits a broad range. Worried that a single option will feel impersonal? Gift options that allow customization can help overcome this hurdle.
  • Branding: Don’t lose sight of the fact that you want the recipient to know who the gift is from! Choose a gift option that reflects your industry or is branded with your logo or message.
  • Pricing: No sense in bankrupting your business while expressing your appreciation, nor do you want to appear as though you are bribing your client.  Remember that, just like your mother always said, it’s the thought behind the gift that counts.  You don’t need to send a $300 fruit basket to express your appreciation.  A well thought out message and gift will stand out naturally against your competition, send the right message for your company and keep you within your budget.
Client and Customer Gift Ideas
There are, of course, many different gift options out there. How do you choose?  Having too many options is always a good problem to have!  Just keep in mind the three considerations above and whatever gift you decide on will be the right choice.  Below are just a few customer or client appreciation gift ideas:
  • custom calendar printingCustomized Calendars: Customized calendars are a useful gift, meaning they won’t be put in a drawer and never seen again. Calendars can easily be customized with your branding and even personalized to each client using variable data.  Don’t be tempted to think calendars are boring! Technology exists to print in many different formats and materials which means calendars can be designed and printed calendars as creatively as you can envision!
  • Posters: Consider sending a motivational poster or a poster featuring an iconic scene from your local area. Want to step it up a bit?  Have the posters framed and include a note as to why you chose that image for the recipient.
  • Personalized Notepads or Sticky Notes:   You can never have too many notepads or sticky notes, meaning your customer will appreciate being given a gift that they can use! Make your notepad or sticky note stand out by personalizing the graphics and imagery.  This is a great economical option if you have a large client list.  There are also many other promotional type items such as pens, bags and more, all of which can be imprinted with your logo.
  • custom tag printingCustom Stickers or Tags: Perhaps it’s not in your budget to give branded items.  Or, maybe you prefer to gift a food item such as popcorn or chocolates.  Don’t lose out on branding your gift!  Print custom stickers or tags to adorn any gift, instantly transforming it into a branded token of appreciation.
  • Holiday Card PrintingHoliday Cards: No matter what gift you choose, a card to accompany the gift is a must.  Rather than using a generic card, take this opportunity to create something unique, with vibrant imagery that catches your client’s eye, that allows you to express your gratitude and reflects your branding.
Don’t Forget Your Employee Appreciation Gifts!
While you are in the mode of showing your appreciation, don’t forget to thank those who make it all possible, your employees!  Any of the above ideas can also be used for an employee gift.  Take the opportunity to convey to your team how much you appreciate them!
Two Convenient Locations – Alphagraphics Minneapolis and Apple Valley
Don’t let the opportunity to show your appreciation sneak up and pass you by.  Or worse, make a last-minute decision that ends up in wasted dollars and poor messaging.  Alphagraphics Twin Cities has two convenient locations, one in downtown Minneapolis and one in Apple Valley, for you to work with.  Easier still, send us your files or request a quote online!  Either way, Alphagraphics Twin Cities is your local customer, client and employee appreciation gift resource.  A friendly locally owned business that prides itself on quality, speed and service.  We’ll can help find the perfect gift to express your appreciation and convey your message, from concept to design to production.  Give us a call!

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