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Some of the best ideas are often the simplest.  In today’s online, multi-channel marketing world, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the more straightforward tools in one’s marketing toolbox, but that doesn’t mean we should.  Take custom stickers and labels for example.  If your perception of stickers is that they are just for kids, then think again.  Used strategically custom stickers and labels are highly useful marketing tools that get results for a relatively low investment.  Check out these four successful marketing uses for stickers and labels.
Highlight or Convey Valuable Information 
Want to emphasize that your product is 100% organic or that certain items are Buy One, Get One Free?  Stickers are an ideal solution to help draw attention to key features or advantages of your product that enhance the possibility of a sale.  Consider using an attention-grabbing design with bright colors or a custom size to help draw attention and ensure your product, and its valuable attributes, stand out on the shelf.  Or, dress up a brochure, flyer or direct mail piece with a sticker that calls attention to your key messaging or benefits.
custom labels & stickersInstantly Brand Anything Affordably
Sidestep expensive customization of customer bags, gift boxes, packaging, shipping boxes and more by using branded stickers and labels instead.  Not only are stickers a more affordable way to customize your packaging and bags, they also afford you the luxury to make changes easily.  Integrate a holiday theme, convey information about an upcoming sale or recognize a notable company anniversary.  This versatility, combined with a lower price point, makes stickers and labels ideal for customizing just about anything. Use as a Mobile Advertisement Custom Sticker Design and PrintingLet your stickers do the selling!  Whether you distribute stickers to long-time customers who want to advertise their loyalty, as a ‘we’ve been here’ announcement (think Wall Drug!), at a trade show for promotional use or to provide re-order information to new customers, the advantage of custom labels and stickers is that they can go just about anywhere.  And, because of their cost-effective and modifiable nature, stickers and labels provide an ideal opportunity to take some creative risks.  Consider out-of-the-box or quirky designs, or witty one-liners, that make customers WANT to put them on their car, on their window, on lamp posts or anywhere else.
Sell as a Product
Done correctly promotional stickers can be a profitable product on their own.  Consider developing a collection of stickers tied to your brand or company. And don’t think you need to be a big brand like REI or Under Armor to do it.  Any brand or company with well-established branding, loyal customers and well thought out design can create a sticker with sales value and, because of their low investment cost, profit value.


Did one or more of these marketing uses ‘stick’ with you?  Not sure where to start and want to learn what kind of sticker and label options are available to you in terms of size, shape or design?  Whether your goal is to tap into a sticker’s word of mouth generating value, strengthen customer bonds or highlight value-points, we are your downtown Minneapolis sticker and label design and printing and Apple Valley sticker and label design and printing experts.  Our downtown Minneapolis AlphaGraphics and Apple Valley AlphaGraphics locations have years of experience helping our customers conceptualize, design and produce creative marketing solutions that get noticed and get business.  We pride ourselves on three things: quality, speed, and service.  What that means for you is a no-hassle, value-added, on-time experience working with a team that has your best interests in mind.  Contact us to learn how we can help your customers ‘get stuck’ on you!

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