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Design Tips to Make Your Signs POP!

Banners, posters, and signs are often the first opportunity to engage with the buying public and first impressions are lasting impressions. People will judge your business on the inside by how it looks on the outside, so the overall style and messaging will determine whether people come in for a look or continue walking.

The right types of signs and graphics draw customers in and help them locate things once inside. Perhaps, you would like to capture the attention of passersby with a quirky message. Maybe you need to promote a temporary offer or, maybe, you need to provide way-finding in your space to help customers find specific products or departments. Readable graphics are vital to drive customers to your business.


Choose a sign size that is appropriate for the expected viewing distance, the location the sign will be placed, and any obstacles that may be between your sign and those viewing it. Visibility is one of the most important components of your signage. The size of your copy MUST be readable from a distance. As an established printing company, we’ve provided this handy chart for our Minneapolis and Apple Valley customers to help you determine the correct type size for your sign:

Color and Design

Choosing a simple color scheme can give your banner more of a finished look. Bright colors draw attention to your sign, but overuse can take away from your message or make it harder to read. Using full color photos is a great way to emphasize the main message. However, if copy overlaps an image, the design should be checked carefully to ensure that the copy will be legible.

Avoid Clutter

Another great tool to help create your signage is this classic marketing law: the “3 x 5 Rule”, which just means that three lines of copy with five words each OR five lines of copy with three words each should be the maximum you expect any passerby to read. Less is definitely more when it comes to signs. While you might choose a patterned background for a business card or flyer, consider the reading distance of each piece you design. Also, limit the number of fonts used in your design to just one or two. Choosing two fonts that complement each other can make your message stand out. Some examples of standard, highly legible fonts include Helvetica, Futura, Copperplate, Trebuchet, Optima, and Trajan. 

Your Sign Design and Production Resource in Minneapolis and Apple Valley

Our awesome team of designers in downtown Minneapolis and Apple Valley have years of experience putting together clever wording and using correct sizing and colors. They are the local experts in helping customers create effective signage for their businesses. As a full service printing company, we offer an array of indoor and outdoor banners from flag banners, to pop-ups, to vinyl. We also produce window signage, event posters, way-finding signs, trade show displays, and menu boards.

We’d love to help you come up with some great signage! Contact us at either one of our locations in Minneapolis or Apple Valley and we will help you create signs that POP!

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