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A Guide to Sign & Banner Wording

Memorable Messages

Consumers could potentially pass by your Minneapolis or Apple Valley business up to 30 times a month if it’s near their home or workplace, and even more so if your business is within the Minneapolis skyway system, as is ours! Your signs and banners are always visible, even when you’re closed, giving you the perfect opportunity to support your brand 24/7. Printed window decals enable you to display practical information such as store hours or accepted methods of payments. They can even be used to compel purchases or announce sales. These subtle details maintain a consistent look and feel of your graphics throughout the rest of your store and online.

3 Writing Tips for Signs & Banners

• Offer Help - From the curb to the counter, your printed signs should help customers throughout their interaction with your business. Whether that’s as simple as communicating the types of products inside your doors, for example women’s shoes, to directing customers to the changing rooms to try on a pair.

• DON’T SHOUT - All caps are the written equivalent of raising your voice. If you’re warning of “DANGER”, then it makes sense to write in all caps. On the other hand, if you’re inviting someone to “Start the day with our freshly squeezed orange juice” it’s probably best to stick to a sentence case to avoid sounding brash.

• Be Specific - You have limited space on most signs and banners, so try to keep your message to the essentials. Including a call to action and/or time-frame helps instill a sense of urgency. For example: “Get 50% Off Kitchen Appliances - Ends Jan 31”.

The most important thing for printing your signs and banners to keep in mind is maintaining a consistent style and tone across all products and ensure that they’re easy for your customers to read.

If you’re a non-designer, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have ideas, so please share them with us! Give us examples of what you love and what you don’t, show us your inspiration! Our designers will help you to figure out the perfect sign and banner design and wording for your specific business.

If you are a designer, as you set up a document of your sign or banner, make sure that if the color goes all the way to the edge that color actually extends beyond the cut line (bleeds). Ideally, we’d create a vector design, but if images are included they must be at least 300 dpi. Outline your fonts if your software allows and provide a high quality PDF, which is the best way to send your file to us. Then, use our super user-friendly Send a File tool on either of our Minneapolis or Apple Valley websites.

Or call our Minneapolis or Apple Valley print locations! We’re excited to work with you to help you create signs and banners that boast great, effective wording! AlphaGraphics: Your Twin Cities Sign & Banner Wording Resource.

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