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Printing Made Profitable- How Restaurant Marketing Increases Sales

Competition in the restaurant business is fierce.  Print marketing can help your restaurant increase repeat business and make stronger brand connections.  Whether it’s having eye-catching signage, an unforgettable menu or an irresistible direct mail piece, we can help.  By increasing your brand visibility, you will increase foot traffic and growling stomachs everywhere!  Let’s dust off your marketing plan by taking a closer look at some successful restaurant print marketing examples and see what might work for you.  

Menu Boards that W-O-W

In order for your guests’ eyes to land on your deliciously profitable meal, you want to have a high-impact menu board design.  After all, how you present your menu can have a significant impact on how your customers order.  A successful menu board maximizes sales.  How?  First by featuring your best-selling items alongside your most profitable items.  Another way is considering your menu boards visual impact.  Taco Johns increased store sales by 12% by simplifying their menu boards from 3 panels to 2.  Doing this increased the visibility of their combo meals and therefore their bottom line.  

Menu Printing to Remember

Don’t overlook one of the most undervalued assets when it comes to marketing your restaurant, the menu!  Maybe your current menu design is dull and outdated.  A well-designed menu can breathe new life into your meals. If your appetizers and main dishes bring the most ROI, draw attention to them by using bold font or a different color.  Food is not all about taste, it’s a visual experience as well so be sure to include mouth-watering quality photos. Menu Printing MinneapolisEven if your menu items haven’t changed, an old, tattered, dog eared, dirty menu is not going to reflect well upon your brand or your food.  Here at AlphaGraphics, we stock a synthetic paper used specifically for restaurant menus. The synthetic paper is more durable and is waterproof, perfect for ensuring that your menu holds up well and positively represents your restaurant. Strategic, quality menu printing will set you apart from your competition.  And by highlighting signature items that express your restaurant's personality, you WILL set yourself apart!  

Direct Mail & Comeback Coupons For Results

Repeat business is smart business.  Many of our customers have increased sales by using direct mail and comeback coupons.  Direct mail creates awareness and attracts a loyal following.  It’s a tool that’s proven over time and by mailing multiple types of pieces throughout the year, it will never get stale.  Try combining flyers with postcards and coupons.  Shine a spotlight on your food, beverages, and promotions with high visibility restaurant printing.  Consumers don’t need to be convinced to go out to eat, they need to be convinced that your restaurant is where they want to go!  

Your Restaurant Marketing Resource in Minneapolis and Apple Valley

Our skilled team of designers and print technicians in downtown Minneapolis and Apple Valley have years of experience putting together quality printing and promotional signage. We are the local experts in helping customers create effective marketing plans for their businesses and, as a full-service printing company, we offer an array of indoor and outdoor banners, sidewalk signs, and window graphics to help your restaurant increase its visibility. Make your restaurant a household name by taking these actionable steps! Contact us today to get started.

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