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Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Pop-Up Banner

Pop-Up Banners, or Retractable Banners as they are sometimes called, are the workhorse of an exhibit, tradeshow or event booth display.  Why?  The reasons are numerous. Easy to transport and set up, pop-up banners provide companies the ability to take advantage of vertical space, bringing messages eye level with potential customers.  In addition, their durability makes them a cost-effective marketing tool that can hold up to multiple uses and jostling in crowded situations.  They’re also a great option for stores or businesses hoping to draw attention to a special promotion or offerings like eyeglass frame specials, electric toothbrushes, specialized chiropractic procedures or another offer. However, in order to fully utilize the marketing power of a pop-up banner, design is key. If you're throwing together a pop-up banner design without much thought or strategy, prepare to see the impact of your pop-up diminish.  Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tips for designing an eye-catching pop-up banner that gets you noticed!   Core Message at the Top If a potential lead walks away remembering just one thing about your pop-up banner, what do you want it to be?  Your answer to this question should be what is placed at the top third of your banner.  Whether it’s your logo and website or a special offer, put your most important messaging at the top. This will place it eye-level, making it the first thing a potential lead will see.   Less is More While the temptation may be to put as much information as possible on your banner (so many features, great benefits, pricing and more!), try and remember that when it comes to banners, less is more.  Keep in mind that you have less than 3 seconds to make an impression on someone walking by. Too much copy on your pop-up banner becomes a blur. Instead, give them just enough info to make them want to approach your booth or table to learn more.  This logic applies to your graphics as well.   Contrast While many will say color is most important for making your banner stand out, we’d argue that contrast is more critical.  Whatever colors you use, make sure that the copy and images stand out by selecting color combinations that contrast and complement one another for maximum visual impact.   Consider More Than One Looking to turn up the wow factor or want a backdrop for your booth that is easier to transport? Consider using two or more pop-up banners with an integrated design that spans across all of them.  This approach is not only eye-catching, but it also allows you to include more information and a larger design theme.   Bring in Reinforcements You’ve captured the attention of a potential customer with an amazing pop-up banner.  Now what?  Consider taking design elements from your pop-up banner and incorporating them on a flyer, brochure, promotional product or other marketing materials with additional information to create an integrated experience that leaves more than just an impression. Reinforce your messaging by looking at what you can give them once you’ve caught their attention. Fully developing your plan of attack will ensure that all your great pop-up banner design doesn’t go to waste.   Your Minneapolis, MN Pop-up and Vertical Banner Design & Printing Resource Whether you have a design in place or need graphic design assistance, our downtown Minneapolis AlphaGraphics team has nearly 30 years of experience helping companies design and produce high-quality pop-up and retractable banners that get noticed.  Working with companies across numerous industries, we help clients like you every day take their businesses to the next level by offering the latest marketing tools and tactics.  Our full array of business print, marketing, and sign solutions including everything from booth displays to business cards to direct mail marketing and more. Contact us today at our Minneapolis or Apple Valley, MN location to get a free quote and learn what we can do to help you get noticed and get business.

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