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4 Ways Great Graphic Design Can Increase Sales

With only a few seconds to make a great first impression, having a quality design that commands attention is critical to your marketing success.  Persuading potential customers takes more than putting your message out there, it requires skillful design, colors, and layouts. Any multi-channel marketing campaign can benefit from the quantifiable results professional design services can provide.  Read on to see exactly how graphic design can win over customers and increase sales.      
Can’t see the forest through the trees
In a world of information overload, great graphic design is able to turn visuals into memories. Studies show that the average person is exposed to nearly 5,000 ads per day!  Stand out from your competition by ensuring your message is the one your customers see and remember with visuals and design elements that move your message to the forefront of their memory.  
It tells your story
Your brand has a lot to say and we tend to market it with words.  Sadly, that isn’t as effective as using imagery to tell your story.  Why? Because consumers are constantly crunched for time. Graphic design allows your business to tell a story in a timeframe of seconds rather than minutes.  Hands down, a picture is going to trump a bullet point list for what gets noticed first!  
A strong presence leads the pack
That strong presence is your logo!  Your logo is the face and backbone of your business and should not be underestimated.   Your logo is used on every marketing piece from pens to other branded collateral to packaging.   Our highly skilled graphic designers can create a logo that firmly communicates your brand’s identity.  They will also ask you the right questions in order to convey consistent messaging that is both relevant and memorable.    
Behind the scenes communication
Graphic design is so much more than color selection and layouts.  Our skilled designers will ask you to define the specific goals of your project including the target audience, timeline, brand requirements and the order in which the information needs to be presented.  Whether it’s a trade show graphic or point of purchase display, our graphic designers take the time to help you transform the feelings and essence of your brand into concise and impactful designs that do more than just look pretty. After all, every communication piece your business requires has a purpose. Let our designers help ensure the design is targeted correctly to get the results you are looking for.     


Whether you need graphic design assistance or already have a design in place, our downtown Minneapolis AlphaGraphics team has nearly 30 years of experience in the print, marketing and sign business.  Our skilled team of designers and marketing specialists in downtown Minneapolis and Apple Valley use only the latest technology and we operate on both MAC and PC platforms so we can work with any file you bring in.  Contact us today to learn how our talented team of graphic designers can work closely with you to design create print and marketing solutions that get noticed and get business!

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