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Signage Trends: How to Get Your Business Noticed in 2020

It’s a new year! Get your business noticed in 2020 with signage that will grow your sales and attract new business.  The demand for printed signage is predicted to increase in 2020 thanks to factors like economic growth, business marketing demands, and advancements in print technology.  These four signage trends can elevate your brand visibility and maximize your marketing dollars.
Bold Branding
2020 is about serious brand building in the boldest of ways.  Customers eat up well-designed branding.  
  • For example, vinyl signage has been a marketing staple for years, but its popularity in marketing applications is getting bigger and more creative.  One way is with the growing trend of building wraps.  They are a durable and long-lasting way to increase foot traffic.  
  • Another way to achieve ‘can’t miss’ bold branding is with oversized window graphics and full and partial vehicle wraps.  These are intelligent ways to increase brand loyalty, add excitement and interest, and make your business stand out.  
Creative Finishes
A new decade is a perfect time to introduce new and creative finishes and textures to your marketing signage.  
  • Shine in 2020 with finishes that make your acrylic signs, building signs, and magnetic graphics reflect your unique brand and style.  Whether you use aluminum, wood, canvas, or acrylic, there is a wide variety of substrates to embellish your brand.  
  • Make a statement with reflective, brushed, and polished aluminum as well as grained and faux wood and textured metals.  
  • Or try an acrylic sign and use reverse print gold or silver lettering applied to the back to create a one-of-kind effect. 
Getting Personal
Let’s get personal.  When businesses put a priority on personalized marketing, they have a competitive advantage in customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Get the return on your investment with signage that speaks to your target audience and makes them feel seen and heard.  A customized booth display, banner stand, or backdrop conveying the right message connects with people and starts conversations!
  • Personalized signage commands attention and is a cost-effective way to promote, welcome, inform, and engage.  Imagine the attention a custom vinyl sign or outdoor flag sign can draw from every angle!
Be a Stand Out
2020 is about creating a tangible experience and when your brand is communicated in bold and brilliant ways, you make an instant, memorable impact.  It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, you need to stand out in order to create a sizable gap between you and your competition.  
  • Give your customers a memorable experience, whether it’s through interactive kiosk displays or with posters that pull on your customers’ heartstrings.  
  • The key to great signage marketing, now and into the future, is with innovative graphic design, eye-catching colors, unique and high-quality materials and brand messaging that grabs attention.  Watch the sales come pouring in after incorporating these trends into things like your trade show materials, banners, and brochures


What 2020 signage trends do you want to put into action this year?  Our downtown Minneapolis AlphaGraphics team has nearly 30 years of experience in the print, marketing and sign business. Our skilled team of designers, marketing and sign specialists in downtown Minneapolis and Apple Valley are here to discuss your marketing goals.  From start to finish, our team can help you connect with your audience in a meaningful way.  Contact us today to learn how our talented team can help you create the right print, marketing, and sign solutions that get noticed and get business.

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