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7 Ways to Make Your Holiday Marketing Stand Out

It’s that time of year again, and this year, perhaps more than any other, customers are going to be looking for holiday cheer wherever they can find it. As they shop for the perfect gifts for each and every loved one on their list, competition is set to be fierce among brands to win a share of each shopper’s seasonal budget. No doubt your business is looking for ways to stay on people’s minds and in people’s hearts. But with more and more companies creatively advertising their latest wares, it takes work to stand out. Here are seven keys that will help you and your company as you try to craft a successful seasonal marketing campaign.

Grab Customers’ Attention By Leveraging Digital and Print Media

It is no secret that combining the power of digital and print media into one marketing campaign can be enormously powerful. While digital advertising works well because it can be cost-effective, data-rich, and relevant given the ubiquity of the internet and smartphones, print ads are more trusted by consumers and more integrated into the reading experience. When you combine the two, you leverage the benefits of both and catch your potential customers no matter where they are or what they are doing. Finally, you can also use your print media to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page via QR codes or with a well-placed call to action.

Highlight Brand Distinctives

This holiday season, your printed media should also highlight the ways your brand is different from others in the same niche or industry. Maybe your products are locally sourced or made. Maybe your business has been in the family for years. Whatever it is that sets your company apart and can create a way for customers to connect with you is something you should highlight in your ads.

Outline the Value of Your Products or Services

The bottom line for each consumer is “what is this product or service going to do for me?” Take the time to explain how what you are offering can make your customers happier, healthier, or make their lives easier. Put yourself into your customers’ shoes. If you are asking them to spend their hard-earned money on what you are selling, be honest with yourself, would you buy what you’re selling? Tailor your ads so that they answer to that question is yes.

Create Personalized Ad Campaigns

In order to attract more customers to your brand, utilize personalized ad campaigns that speak to each narrow demographic’s joys and struggles. This is another way you can combine the power of digital with print as you use the data you have on who your customers are and then target them with direct mailers. When you speak each customer’s language by addressing what they are facing, you cultivate sympathy for your brand.

Craft Messages with Emotive Language and Images

The holiday season sparks feelings of wonder and joy, togetherness and tradition. Plunge into these emotions with the language and images you use in your marketing campaign. When you couple the warm feelings brought on by holiday memories with your brand, product, or service, you craft a winning combination that is sure to draw customers to your door.

Don’t Forget About Content

During the holidays, it can be tempting to ditch your well-thought-out content strategy and focus instead on nothing but ads. But such an approach is overly salesy and might turn customers off. While it is certainly wise to sprinkle ads throughout your various marketing campaigns, it is also advised you continue producing content as planned. Doing so communicates a confidence in your brand that is neglected at your own peril. Instead, aim for crafting content that is built around holiday themes and showcases your brand’s commitment to community. You will avoid coming across as shallow and will have a leg up over the competition.

Share Some Holiday Cheer

It’s important to view the holiday season not only as a time to increase sales, but also as a time to build connections with your audience. This can be done in a number of ways that are super simple this time of year. Volunteering as a company at a local food bank or other non-profit is a good way to show you care. You can also broadcast your gratitude by sending personal thank you notes to your customers or by sharing their stories on your website or social media channels. Nothing cultivates brand equity like goodwill and holiday cheer.

The Importance of Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing is an integral part of every company’s path to profitability. To market successfully this time of year, it is important to:
  • Grab your customers’ attention by leveraging digital and print media
  • Highlight your brand’s distinctives
  • Outline the value of your products and services
  • Create personalized ad campaigns
  • Craft messages with emotive language and images
  • Not forget about content
  • Share some holiday cheer
At the end of the day, how your brand approaches seasonal marketing says a lot about who you are and what your company is about. When you understand that the holiday season is not only about increasing sales, but is also about building connections with your audience and doing good in your community, you are more likely to do all three.   At AlphaGraphics Minneapolis, we provide a full range of printing services and signs, including postcards, direct mail, posters, banners, stickers, large prints, window decals and wall decals.  We have graphic design experts who can help you develop marketing materials.  We also have resources to help you with digital marketing. To learn more go on our website at or call us at 612-340-1111.  

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